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This March you can make an incredible difference for another family who has suffered the loss of their baby by donating towards the “Sponsor a Resource Book” campaign.


Giving back to the program, making a difference for another bereaved family and honouring your own baby or a baby close to you.   


6 baby’s are stillborn EVERY day in Australia!


The PLA Resource Book is a bereavement support book that is offered free to bereaved parents throughout every maternity hospital across Australia. The Resource Book is the only one of its kind, is incredibly personal and guides families through a time that they never thought they would have to experience. The resource book provides information about:


  • Types of loss
  • Preparing for the birth of your baby
  • Special time with your baby
  • Funeral memorial arrangements
  • The time ahead
  • Grief and coping skills
  • Keepsakes & Memories
  • For family friends
  • Contact details
  • Resources



The resource book is also incredibly personal, each section begins with a personal quote or story from another bereaved parent. We hope these personal words will let parents know they are not alone in this time of grief and incredible sadness.


It is devastating and heart breaking leaving the hospital without your baby. Wanting information but not knowing where to turn to for extra support. The Resource Book provides this crucial much needed support information.


The PLA program has been supporting families for over 12 years and have distributed over 15,000 resource packs to bereaved families. The demand and need for the Resource Book is incredibly high and constant.


Please help us to ensure every family has access to them by sponsoring a PLA Resource book in memory of your baby, a baby close to you or for another family. Every resource book that is donated to the campaign will have the words "This resource book was lovingly donated to you in memory of .............” inside.


This is an incredible gift you can give to another family that is faced with such devastating loss.


Thank you so very much for supporting the program and making a difference for the thousands of families across Australia that experience the loss of their precious baby.



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Click here to create your own fundraising page and encourage donations from your family and friends in your babys memory.

You can also purchase our resource books from our online store,

donate a resource book back to the program or

make a tax deductible donation.

Yours sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Trudi Penrose-Starr                                                                                                                                                                                    

PLA Co-Founder / General Manager

PS: A donation as little as $20.00 will ensure one family do not miss out on this crucial resource.